Crafting, Selling, & Enjoying Cheese

An MIT Anthropology Professor Writes About Artisan Cheese

03/19/2013 - The Boston Globe

Artisan cheesemaking is undergoing a renaissance in this country, so much so that narratives of city dwellers who chuck it all and buy a goat farm, or of fourth-generation dairy farmers who keep the family homestead by creating and selling a wonderful new cheese, have become commonplace ... more
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How To Make Cheese

01/22/2013 - Contra Costa Times

Three Bay Area cheesemakers share the art, science, and culture ... more
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Oldest Evidence Of Cheese-making Found In Shards Of Vessels

12/12/2012 - Los Angeles Times

7,000-year-old pottery fragments poked with holes are the oldest direct evidence of cheese-making, scientists conclude ... more
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Beyond Pimento: A Guide To Southern Cheeses

11/08/2012 - Atlanta Journal Constitution

“The South is rising again in farmstead dairy,” said MaryAnne Drake, a professor of food science at North Carolina State University who’s a consultant for the many small dairies that have turned to cheese making in recent years ... more
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The Science Of Cheese, From Blue Veins To Creamy Camembert

10/25/2012 - International Business Times

From just a few simple ingredients – milk, acids, rennet taken from the stomachs of young, slaughtered calves – cheesemakers can create a wide range of cheeses to satisfy every kind of palate ... more
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Here's Why The Mold In Bleu Cheese Is Safe To Eat

06/28/2012 - Business Insider

Bleu Cheese is delicious. We'd smother everything in it if we could ... more
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Wine And Cheese Expert Shares Favorite Regional Pairings

04/24/2012 - Abilene Reporter-News

Laura Werlin set out years ago to discover the gems in American cheesemaking and has spent extensive amounts of time pairing them with regional wines ... more
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You Can Be Your Own Artisan Cheesemaker

02/18/2012 - Seattle Times

"ALL OF YOU are cheese heads or you wouldn't be here," Mary Karlin said as she welcomed us to her Beginning Cheese-Making Workshop at the Art Institute of Seattle last fall ... more
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The Cheeses You've Never Heard Of (But Should Try Immediately)

02/03/2012 - Huffington Post

There are plenty of engaging artisanal and farmstead cheeses out there and more people are discovering the real variety coming from not just around the world, but within their own states and counties ... more
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Beer And Cheese Pairings Can Be Inspired

10/26/2011 -

Beer and cheese have long been friends ... more
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