The Premium Products Of Kent Walker Artisan Cheese

08/28/2012 - Arkansas Times

In 2011, Kent left the world of computer maintenance and decided to devote himself entirely to the art of cheese. We should all be thankful that he did ... more

Young Cheesemaker Takes Over 120-Year-Old Business

08/21/2012 - Boston Globe

Founded in 1890 by the future president’s father and four other local farmers, it’s been producing cheese off and on (mostly on) ever since ... more

Virginia’s Cheesemaking Nuns Keep Their Gouda In The Red (Wax)

07/03/2012 - Washington Post

It is 10:05 a.m., and Sister Barbara Smickel is shoulder-deep in curds and whey ... more

Clock Shadow Creamery

06/28/2012 -

Clock Shadow Creamery Cheesemaker Ron Henningfield and his wife, Josie, grew up in East Troy. They attended the same high school, were involved in some of the same clubs and had a few mutual friends. But, it wasn't until they were in college that they began dating. It was then that the adventure began ... more

Shepherd’s Ridge: Milking Ewes, Farmstead Cheese

06/14/2012 - Agri-View

Still wet-behind-its-ears in comparison to this state’s long-standing tradition of cow dairying, Wisconsin’s dairy sheep industry looks like it’s here to stay – and grow – if producers like Jeff and Vicky Simpkins are any indication ... more

News In The World Of Vermont cheese

04/19/2012 - Burlington Free Press

The centuries-old craft of cheese making still holds the potential for its enthusiasts to discover innovative methods and products ... more

Texas Cheesemaker Is Proud Of His Product

04/17/2012 - Country World

Sam Simon's interest and ultimate fascination with cheesemaking began with macaroni and and store-bought cheese that had gone bad ... more

Local Cheese Maker Inspired By Flavor

03/21/2012 - Hillsboro Star-Journal

A traveling computer software specialist by trade, Jean Groves of rural Hillsboro loves to relax on days off, with a pot of bubbling milk on the stove making cheese, while symphony music plays in the background ... more

Milwaukee's First Cheese Factory: Clock Shadow Creamery

02/16/2012 -

Named for the nearby Allen-Bradley Clock Tower, Milwaukee's first cheese factory is scheduled to be up and running in historic Walker's Point beginning this March ... more

Cornwall Farm Touting Goat's Milk Cheeses

02/12/2012 - Times Herald-Record

Talitha Thurau and Dan Jones are betting there's a market for their goat's milk cheese in the Hudson Valley ... more

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