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We’re Spending Less. Why Are We Still Buying Fancy Beer and Cheese?

10/25/2011 - Slate

A quick scan of your local supermarket aisles will reveal that sales of Greek yogurt, craft beer, and artisanal cheese are thriving ...  more
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Stanislaus dairy forging new road to energy production

07/01/2011 - Turlock Journal

Fiscalini Farms is leading the charge in California to prove that the business end of a cow’s digestive track can be effectively used to generate power ... more
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Tasty Additions To The Kosher Cheese Plate

06/08/2011 - The Jewish Daily Forward

Many passionate kosher foodies know that kosher cheese is no longer limited to blocks of cheddar and shredded mozzarella ... more
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Foodies Delight In Artisan Cheeses Created Locally

05/31/2011 - Pittsburgh Review-Tribune

The trend dovetails nicely with the Farm to Table movement, which promotes local agriculture and its products ... more
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Cheesemakers Chase Huge New Market In China

05/19/2011 - Los Angeles Times

Except for a small number of ethnic Mongolians and Tibetans, China has no tradition of cheese making, and an estimated 90% of the population is lactose intolerant ... more
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Demand for Goat Cheese Spurs Growth in Region’s Artisan Cheesemakers

05/04/2011 - The Spokesman-Review

“People are becoming more aware of local products and willing to try goat cheese,” says Arnold...noting that local chefs have been very supportive ...  more
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Raw Milk Ban Unlikely Under New Cheese Rules

04/21/2011 - The Oregonian

A shudder went through the artisan cheese community when rumors flew that the FDA might ban raw milk cheese ... more
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Cheesemakers Worry About Losing The Products' Terroir

03/30/2011 - The Associated Press

In the pastures of northeastern Vermont, Jasper Hill Farm's Ayrshire cows feast on grass and clover, producing a fresh, sweet milk that fuels some of the country's most beloved cheeses ...  more
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Would a Raw Milk Cheese Ban Kill Small Dairies?

03/28/2011 - The Atlantic

Milk from 50 cows will earn a farmer $100,000 before expenses. If the farmer makes cheese from that same milk, and he or she will net $1 million ...  more
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American Cheese Cultures

6/2010 - Harvard Magazine

Chances are, the last time you bought cheese, you didn’t ponder the ethical implications of your purchase. But American artisanal cheesemakers, many of whom went into the business for their own ethical reasons, are prompting consumers to consider such concerns... more
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