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The History Of Cheddar Cheese Reflects The Development Of The U.S. Food System

01/22/2016 - The Splendid Table

"We don't really think about it, but the history of cheddar has really affected American cheesemaking in general, and also just the food system itself in the U.S.," says cheesemonger Gordon Edgar, author of Cheddar ... more
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Cheese Producers: FDA Standards Too Tough

12/16/2015 - The Bulletin

A new FDA rule allows for just 10 units of non-toxigenic E. coli bacteria per gram of raw milk cheese. The previous threshold was 10,000 units per gram ... more
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Wisconsin’s Cheesemakers Evolve With The Times

12/01/2015 - UW The Badger Herald

Artisan, farmstead industries advance Wisconsin's expertise in cheese ... more
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No More Orange Blocks Of Cheddar: Wisconsin Leads Farmstead Cheese Movement

09/28/2015 - The Guardian

Whatever nature gives us, we make cheese with it,’ is a motto for Saxon Creamery, a dairy farm in Wisconsin, where sustainable cheese is seeing a boom ... more
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Washington County Cheesemakers Keep Sustainability In Mind

09/12/2015 - The Post-Star

The farm isn’t just about cheese. “Our purpose is to find a way to farm sustainably for generations to come,” Porter said ... more
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Maine's Cheesemaking Boom Continues

08/20/2015 - Herald Sun

Maine has established itself as the state with the fastest-growing artisan cheese industry in the US, and state agriculture officials say it's not slowing down ... more
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Wisconsin Dairy News: Bold Flavors Highlight New Trend in Wisconsin Cheese

03/31/2015 - ABC-WXOW

The palates of consumers are ever changing, and in recent years tastes are trending towards bolder flavors from washed-rind cheeses ... more
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Artisan Cheese Gets Popular As Cheese Consumption Grows

11/19/2014 - The Tampa Tribune - Highlands Today

There is a growing trend in cheese consumption in the United States; it is twice the amount it was 25 years ago and there is no end in sight ... more
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Controversy Over Raw-Milk Cheese Likely Coming To A Head

09/29/2014 - Kansas City Start

Raw-milk cheese has been in the news over the last couple months. The Food and Drug Administration has been reviewing its raw-milk standards for cheese for the last several years, and many think it will soon make a decision that will affect the small artisan cheese producers in the United States and Europe ... more
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The FDA’s ‘War’ on Artisanal Cheeses

08/21/2014 - The Fiscal Tiimes

The artisanal cheese world in the U.S. is in danger of crumbling because of regulatory uncertainty from the Food and Drug Administration ... more
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