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Small Cheesemaking Operations Lead Growth In U.S. Cheese Industry

07/15/2014 - Cheese Underground

Specialty Food News today reports ... the number of small cheesemaking establishments is far outpacing the growth of larger operations in America ...  more
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Cheese Wars: Connecticut's Cheese Makers Are On The Front Lines

07/06/2014 - The Courant

Elizabeth Gillman ... also wondering whether controversial U.S. policies could end up crippling artisanal cheese-making in this country ... more
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Wood-Aged Cheese: How Science Slices The Debate Over Bacteria

06/14/2014 - Los Angeles Times

Artisanal cheese-makers raised a fuss recently when an FDA official suggested that wooden cheese shelves posed a public health risk because they were not "adequately cleanable," and could therefore harbor dangerous bacteria ... more
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Demand For Regionally Made Cheese Is On The Rise

05/14/2014 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Cheese is going the way of the craft beer movement: People are learning how to make it in small batches while taking advantage of local ingredients and characteristics of the land ... more
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Artisan Cheesemakers Are Feeling The Pinch

05/14/2014 - San Francisco Chronicle

Tim and Jill Pedrozo normally begin forming wheels of their Black Butte Reserve, a gouda-like cheese made from spring milk, in February. But the Pedrozo’s 20-acre farm in Orland, which they’ve been farming for 15 years, didn’t turn green with lush rye grasses until the late spring rains began that month ... more
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Vermont Congressional Delegation Fights For Cheese Names

03/17/2014 - WCAX TV

The European Union is targeting cheese made in America, and Vermont's Congressional delegation is ready for the fight ... more
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Dallas Cheesemongers Earn Professional Cheese Titles

10/09/2013 - Dallas Business Journal

The cheesemongers had to pass the Certified Cheese Professional Exam administered by the American Cheese Society to earn the title ...  more
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Marketing A Small Rural Business

05/06/2013 - Loudon Times

As entrepreneurs of Georges Mill Farm Artisan Cheese, Molly and Sam Kroiz have found marketing is just as important for a small rural business as it is for a large corporation. However, with their business featuring a food product – goat cheese – it can make the marketing process more difficult due to state regulations and restrictions ...  more
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Wisconsin's Raw-Milk Cheesemakers Question Need For More FDA Regulation

02/20/2013 - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin cheese-makers say changing the process by which raw-milk cheeses are made could ruin the richness and flavor that people have come to expect from the products that, when properly made, are safe ... more
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Farmstead Cheese Takes Root In Georgia

09/27/2012 - Creative Loafing Atlanta

Most of the farmstead cheesemakers that now call Georgia home inhabit a band that stretches east and west around Atlanta ... more
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