Walworth County Farmers Making Cheese The Old-World Way

01/25/2016 - The Country Today

When Terry and Denise Woods de­cided to milk a few cows and make cheese from the milk those cows pro­duce, they de­cided they would like to do it the old-world way — in small batches ... more
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Allison Lakin’s Maine-Made Cheeses Are ‘Gorges’ (And Gorgeous)

12/27/2015 - Portland Press Herald

She sources the milk from a single farm, and does deliveries herself ... more

Widmer's Cheese Maintains Original Methods

11/30/2015 - Wisconsin State Farmer

Master Cheesemaker Joe Widmer believes the authenticity and consistency of his cheeses is what has made them win so many awards over the years ... more

One Way To Solve A Midlife Crisis: Become A Vermont Cheesemaker

11/10/2015 - Boston Globe

In 2012, during what Shethar, now 54, describes as a “bizarre midlife crisis,” she bought Fairy Tale Farm, a 250-year-old sheep farm here in the heart of dairy country ... more

Cave Keeps Russellville Creamery's Products Consistent

10/30/2015 - Daily News

After years of operating a construction company, Scott and Angie Harris decided to go in a vastly different direction. They wanted to make artisan cheese ... more

In Climax, Goat Lady Dairy Has Become A Model Of Long-Term Success

09/23/2015 - Indy Week

Steve Tate explains that there are three kinds of farms ... more

TGR Talks Cheese with Cypress Grove's Keehn

07/27/2015 - The Gourmet Retailer

Mary Keehn was one of the three “goat ladies of California” who laid the foundation for the American love affair with goat cheese ... more

Cheese, Please

06/01/2015 - Lakefield Standard

Despite having no dairy cows and no prior experience making cheese, Kris Swanson decided to step out in faith and start an artisanal cheese operation on her Crooks, S.D., farm three years ago ... more

NW Gouda Goddess Makes Award Winning Cheese

04/15/2015 - NBC King 5

Dublin born Lisa Jacobs left a potential law career in 2006 to become a cheese maker ... more

Allison Lakin, Artisan Cheesemaker

4/15/2015 - Keep Me Current - Maine Women

Allison Lakin started her career of making cheese after a 15-year stint in maritime and art museum education ... more

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