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Our company's mission to "Change the way America Eats" is at the forefront of every decision we make, large or small. The Pure Food Kids Foundation and the Pure Food Kids Workshop are distinct means to that end. Rather than working to legislate change from the top down, we have taken an alternate route to change demand for unhealthy processed food. We have specifically chosen 4th and 5th grade students for their unique cross-section; they are both open to changing ideals, as well as incredible persuaders in their own households. Our instruction model is meant to spark an interest within students, while providing the tools necessary for further exploration both in and outside the classroom.

-Kurt Beecher Dammeier


Beecher’s Pure Food Kids Foundation empowers kids to make healthy food choices for life. 

Creating Food Detectives

The Pure Food Kids Foundation operates a free, academic-aligned, nutrition education and cooking program for more than 15,000 4th and 5th grade students in more than 250 schools in the greater Seattle Metro area in and New York City each year. The workshop has turned more than 90,000 kids in to food detectives since 2006.

In Pure Food Kids Workshops, kids learn how food companies are using misleading marketing tactics to sell their products. They learn how to read nutrition labels and ingredient lists to find out how healthy a food really is. And, kids learn cooking skills and enjoy a delicious, wholesome vegetable chili they prepare with their classmates. The goal of the Pure Food Kids Foundation is to spark curiosity in kids to investigate what they are eating, and to empower them to make healthy food choices for life.

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