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The Big Cheese -Parmigiano-Reggiano

09/13/2012 - Foodepedia

This DOP cheese is made with infinite love and care and deserves to be treated as a star part of your cheeseboard ... more
[The Cheese]

Estero Gold From Valley Ford Cheese Co.

08/17/2012 - San Francisco Chronicle

Like several of her cheese-making neighbors in West Marin, Karen Bianchi-Moreda traces her roots to the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino in Switzerland ... more
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Cottage Cheese Gets A High-End, Artisanal Makeover

07/12/2012 - MSNBC

Artisanal cottage cheese? The phrase trips off the tongue much the way "organic corn dog" or "hand-crafted diet soda" might ... more
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Spring Brook Farm Adds Tarentaise To Offerings

06/17/2012 - San Francisco Chronicle

Spring Brook Farm is a 640-acre Vermont dairy farm with a mission: to provide an enriching rural experience for inner-city children ... more
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Fat Bottom Girl's Quirk Becomes A Virtue

06/03/2012 - San Francisco Chronicle

Christened Fat Bottom Girl, after a Queen song, a 2-pound wheel of this aged sheep's milk cheese is now intentionally wider at the base. It gives Doughty a story to tell ... more
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Mellow Capriole's Julianna Infused With Herbs

05/06/2012 - San Francisco Chronicle

If you enjoy Brind'Amour or Fleur du Maquis, the Corsican sheep's milk wheels coated with dried herbs, you will surely admire Capriole's Julianna ... more
[The Cheese]

Bent River Cheese Inspired By Camembert

03/14/2012 - San Francisco Chronicle

Keith Adams found an organic dairy 40 miles away to supply him with cow's milk. Settling on a Camembert style because he liked it best, Adams began his experiments ... more
[The Cheese]

Cheese Of The Week: Cheese Laura Chenel Chevre

02/29/2012 - Evansville Courier Press

Laura Chenel of Sonoma County, California, was the first of a handful of brilliant female goat cheese producers who began making cheese in the late 1970s ... more
[The Cheese]

Redwood Hill Farm Cousins: Cameo And Camellia

01/29/2012 - San Francisco Chronicle

While most consumers might not think about it, the size of a cheese can be critical ... more
[The Cheese]

Getting The Blues

01/12/2012 - Huffington Post

In the last five to seven years or so, the American marketplace has been blessed with a wealth of different blue cheeses, each offering a wide range of unique flavors ... more
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