In Ohio Cow Country, He’s Making Cheese From A Herd Of Goats

07/22/2014 - The Boston Globe

The flat land and fertile fields of northwest Ohio are an ideal place to grow corn and soybeans and graze cattle. One farmer has decided it’s also ideal for goats ... more
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At Boggy Meadow Farm, Heritage And Spirit

06/03/2014 - The Boston Globe

Boggy Meadow makes three raw-milk cheeses: smoked and unsmoked baby Swiss and semi-aged, nutty Fiddlehead Tomme ... more

Cowgirl Creamery

05/29/2014 - NPR

Their journey to the pinnacle of the cheese world began at the University of Tennessee, where they became fast friends in the early 1970s. It continued a few years later on a road trip west to San Francisco ... more

Widmer’s Cheese Stirs Up Brick, Curds And Other Traditional Cheeses

05/28/2014 - Agri-View

Widmer’s Cheese Cellars, has been churning out Wisconsin originals since 1922 when Swiss immigrant John Widmer purchased the plant ... more

Face Rock's Cheese Is Aging Gracefully

05/01/2014 - Bandon Western World

It started as what might have seemed a risky venture with little payoff, but one year later has “success” written all over ... more

Cheese Brings Smiles For Evergreen Lane Farm & Creamery

04/10/2014 - Southwest Michigan's Second Wave

In the past decade goat cheese has been one of the fastest growing cheeses in the specialty food product market ... more

Blythedale Farm: A Tale Of Two Cheese Makers

03/06/2014 - Stowe Today

The ad read: “Milk a few cows and make money making cheese. Corinth, Vermont.” That was it. Eleven short words destined to change a family’s life ... more

A Water Buffalo Ranch Yields Perfect Mozzarella

03/04/2014 - San Jose Mercury News

Ramini chucked his successful Silicon Valley software career in 2009 for a crusade aimed at doing what few Americans have mastered: producing snow-white, pillowy soft buffalo mozzarella with its richer-than-cows'-milk flavor and subtle tang ... more

Hooked On Cheese: Interview With Sweet Grass Dairy

02/13/2014 - The Daily Meal

They run a robust, multi-faceted operation that includes a retail shop, a restaurant and even a summer camp for kids ... more

From The Farm To The Plate

01/15/2014 - Daily Press

Middlesex farm produces artisan cheese in multiple varieties from herd of 46 goats ... more

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