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Blessed Are The Cheesemakers

08/16/2012 - Wall Street Journal

A New Generation of Artisanal Irish Producers Open Their Farms to Gourmets ... more
[Cheese Industry]

Raw Milk Cheese: More Popular, Greater Scrutiny

06/04/2012 - Supermarket News

Raw milk cheese, a specialized segment of artisan cheese made from unpasteurized milk, has been trickling into more retailers’ dairy offerings ... more
[Cheese Industry]

Cheese Is OK For Dieters, Health Watchers - Study Says

04/18/2012 - ABC

When you are watching your weight and overall health, it is OK to say yes to cheese, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition ... more
[Cheese Industry]

Retailers See Continued Interest In American Cheese

03/19/2012 - Gourmet Retailer

Heading optimistically into 2012, some leading specialty food retailers and cheesemongers see a year of continuing passion for fine American cheeses as customers delve deeper into artisan styles and distinctive flavors ... more
[Cheese Industry]

In The Nicasio Valley, Cheese Is The New Wine

12/23/2011 - ABC-7 San Francisco

From milk to cheese, it's a change in business strategy that came from necessity and it's catching on along California's new cheese country trail -- a destination much like a wine trail ... more
[Cheese Industry]

We’re Spending Less. Why Are We Still Buying Fancy Beer and Cheese?

10/25/2011 - Slate

A quick scan of your local supermarket aisles will reveal that sales of Greek yogurt, craft beer, and artisanal cheese are thriving ...  more
[Cheese Industry]

Stanislaus dairy forging new road to energy production

07/01/2011 - Turlock Journal

Fiscalini Farms is leading the charge in California to prove that the business end of a cow’s digestive track can be effectively used to generate power ... more
[Cheese Industry]

Tasty Additions To The Kosher Cheese Plate

06/08/2011 - The Jewish Daily Forward

Many passionate kosher foodies know that kosher cheese is no longer limited to blocks of cheddar and shredded mozzarella ... more
[Cheese Industry]

Foodies Delight In Artisan Cheeses Created Locally

05/31/2011 - Pittsburgh Review-Tribune

The trend dovetails nicely with the Farm to Table movement, which promotes local agriculture and its products ... more
[Cheese Industry]

Cheesemakers Chase Huge New Market In China

05/19/2011 - Los Angeles Times

Except for a small number of ethnic Mongolians and Tibetans, China has no tradition of cheese making, and an estimated 90% of the population is lactose intolerant ... more
[Cheese Industry]

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