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No More Orange Blocks Of Cheddar: Wisconsin Leads Farmstead Cheese Movement

09/28/2015 - The Guardian

Whatever nature gives us, we make cheese with it,’ is a motto for Saxon Creamery, a dairy farm in Wisconsin, where sustainable cheese is seeing a boom ... more
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Washington County Cheesemakers Keep Sustainability In Mind

09/12/2015 - The Post-Star

The farm isn’t just about cheese. “Our purpose is to find a way to farm sustainably for generations to come,” Porter said ... more
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Maine's Cheesemaking Boom Continues

08/20/2015 - Herald Sun

Maine has established itself as the state with the fastest-growing artisan cheese industry in the US, and state agriculture officials say it's not slowing down ... more
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Wisconsin Dairy News: Bold Flavors Highlight New Trend in Wisconsin Cheese

03/31/2015 - ABC-WXOW

The palates of consumers are ever changing, and in recent years tastes are trending towards bolder flavors from washed-rind cheeses ... more
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Artisan Cheese Gets Popular As Cheese Consumption Grows

11/19/2014 - The Tampa Tribune - Highlands Today

There is a growing trend in cheese consumption in the United States; it is twice the amount it was 25 years ago and there is no end in sight ... more
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Controversy Over Raw-Milk Cheese Likely Coming To A Head

09/29/2014 - Kansas City Start

Raw-milk cheese has been in the news over the last couple months. The Food and Drug Administration has been reviewing its raw-milk standards for cheese for the last several years, and many think it will soon make a decision that will affect the small artisan cheese producers in the United States and Europe ... more
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The FDA’s ‘War’ on Artisanal Cheeses

08/21/2014 - The Fiscal Tiimes

The artisanal cheese world in the U.S. is in danger of crumbling because of regulatory uncertainty from the Food and Drug Administration ... more
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Small Cheesemaking Operations Lead Growth In U.S. Cheese Industry

07/15/2014 - Cheese Underground

Specialty Food News today reports ... the number of small cheesemaking establishments is far outpacing the growth of larger operations in America ...  more
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Cheese Wars: Connecticut's Cheese Makers Are On The Front Lines

07/06/2014 - The Courant

Elizabeth Gillman ... also wondering whether controversial U.S. policies could end up crippling artisanal cheese-making in this country ... more
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Wood-Aged Cheese: How Science Slices The Debate Over Bacteria

06/14/2014 - Los Angeles Times

Artisanal cheese-makers raised a fuss recently when an FDA official suggested that wooden cheese shelves posed a public health risk because they were not "adequately cleanable," and could therefore harbor dangerous bacteria ... more
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