Make the Connection

When picking your path for making a cheese pairing, there are several themes you can follow. Keep in mind, however, that how well a pairing works depends largely on the tastebuds of the individual so remember to just have fun with it and you'll be successful.

Whichever path you take in connecting your beverages with your cheeses, know that great cheese can stand alone so when in doubt, always offer selections that you find delicious on their own. 

"Like Minded" Counterparts
Pick flavor profiles and textures that are similar across the board: subtle wines with subtle cheeses, rustic beers with rustic cheeses, fruity flavors with fruity cheeses, etc. In general, you do not want to overpower either the wine or the cheese with its partner and we do not recommend pairing two very strong and complex flavors as you'll lose the intricacies of both.

Complementary Foods
Pair your cheeses with flavors that will complement the characteristics of the cheese. For example, a wine high in acidity goes well with a really fatty cheese because the acid helps to cut the fat. Likewise, if you're enjoying a really salty cheese, look for a wine that is high enough in sugars to complement the salt.

Regional Pairings
Create a pairing that highlights a particular region, like French cheeses with French wines, wines of Willamette Valley with Oregon cheeses, and so on.

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