Cheese Of The Week: Baetje Farms Goat Cheese

07/23/2013 - Evansville Courier & Press

“At first we had a hard time getting people to try anything that didn’t look like an orange block of cheddar,” ... more

Wiebe Dairy A State Leader In Cheese

05/28/2013 - Hillsboro Free Press

Jason and Sheri Wiebe are owners of Jason Wiebe Dairy near Durham. Jason is the third generation of his family on this place ... more

Ludwig Farmstead Creamery

04/30/2013 - Dining Chicago

Ludwig is a fifth generation farm, but a new creamery... Ludwig currently offers five raw milk cheeses, including a Havarti-style cheese called "Jake's Wheel," a triple cream blue cheese, and Gouda ... more

Vermont’s First Community-Owned Dairy Farm Offers Farmstead Cheese

04/30/2013 - The Boston Globe

Perched on a hill overlooking a valley, Farmstead Cheese Co. began as a neighborly plan to preserve a dairy farm ... more

An Interview With Paula Lambert About Bringing Fresh Mozzarella To Dallas

04/16/2013 - Dallas Observer

Cheese week in Dallas just wouldn't be a real cheese week if it didn't include the mozzarella queen-bee Paula Lambert ... more

Appetites: Crave Brothers Make A Mean, Green Cheese

03/27/2013 - Minnesota Public Radio

It's easy to think of local cheese as an old-fashioned, traditional food but the face of upper Midwestern cheese-making is changing to catch some new waves of flavor... and green energy ... more

Artisan Cheese Making Is Alive And Well In Petaluma

03/20/2013 - Argus-Courier

March is the beginning of spring, bringing newborn dairy cows, sheep and goats and the fresh local milk and cheese that goes along with them ... more

Arizona Food Makers: Women Create Artisan Cheese, Butter

02/05/2013 - The Arizona Republic

When Denise Diederich and Sheri Doramus talk about their cheese and butter, they sound more like poets than artisan food makers. more

Meghan McKenna Is A Real Cheese Wiz

11/23/2012 - Seattle Times

A longtime cheesemonger at Metropolitan Market, she's now cheesemaker at Mountain Lodge Farm, a new farmstead creamery near Eatonville in Pierce County ... more

Cowgirl Creamery's Founders Blend Traits

11/10/2012 - San Francisco Chronicle

Knowing that Cowgirl Creamery's Sue Conley and Peggy Smith spend their days traveling the pastoral roads of West Marin dairy country, it's easy to imagine them as undergrads tooling around the country in the early 1970s ... more

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